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Streamlined Operation Center across Hybrid Footprint

blue Manage and monitor your infrastructure across your hybrid cloud

Extending the Xervmon core to not just provision, manage and monitor assets on cloud, Xervmon’s new offering can now provision bare metal servers and monitor the configuration changes, audit logs and push patch updates to physical and virtual machines. XOPS helps DevOps/IT Pros to automate repetitive tasks, deploy applications and pro-actively manage servers across hybrid footprint throughout their lifecycle, including provisioning, configuration and orchestration.

XOPS is a unified system that provides the customer the flexibility of existing popular configuration management tools such as puppet and chef. XOPS currently supports Puppet with support for Chef and other configuration systems in the pipeline. XOPS leverages agent-based framework that can be installed on host machines.


blue Salient Features of XOPS

  1. Configurable overview on your assets including hosts, operating systems and most recent automation run (Puppet or Chef run)
  2. Manage vital information such as network, operating system, architecture, and parameters.
  3. Track the overall health of all your hosts and configuration and run distribution.
  4. View the status of a single host, including information about the machine, run time, and access to the console for direct access to the host.
  5. Manage and Monitor groups of servers (without having to login to multiple servers to do repetitive or even to schedule tasks) through a single pane of dashboard across truly hybrid footprint (Multi cloud, On-Premise, Physical or Virtual).
  6. Autos discover, provision, upgrade, create and manage instances across private, public or bare-metal infrastructure.
  7. Tag hosts and manage them as part of a group regardless of their organization or location.
  8. Flexible and robust plugin architecture that can be extended to support service providers and enhance system integration with in enterprises.
  9. Co-relate configuration data, monitoring stats (Nagios data) and puppet/chef facts and system logs to quickly identify, resolve and re-mediate IT issues.
  10. Quickly glance through all the ports that are open and may cause security vulnerabilities.
  11. Monitor for Patch updates across hybrid footprint.


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