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Every day more and more businesses move their infrastructures to the cloud in order to reap the many benefits it provides; however cloud adoption or migration to the cloud can come with it’s own set of challenges. Whilst cloud providers have made the process of cloud adoption and migrating to the cloud fairly straightforward, many businesses find it time consuming and costly when it comes to troubleshooting issues with

  • Cloud deployments
  • Automation & daily routine management
  • Monitoring of these virtual machines
  • Monitoring Applications, libraries hosted on these VMs
  • System level security and application level security
  • Scale out, up, and down scenrarios
  • Automated Business process driven provisioning of VMs and applications
  • Continuous Improvement Process driven Agile Application development

Having worked with several customers with very diverse and unique use cases, we understand the problems of cloud adoption and migration. With this experience, our customers now can reap the benefits of our experience and background to seamlessly adopt cloud or migrate to cloud by leveraging our Cloud expertise. Not to mention, customers can be confident that their servers and applications are provisioned, managed and monitored with industry standard best practices covering security and designed for failure (high availability and scalability).

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Tangible Benefits

Productivity Efficiency: With an integrated suite of tools,  you the customer can realize productivity boost  among your employees. “Do more with less” is not just a phrase any more. Our Cloud Subject matter experts (Cloud SME)  will assess and provide highly optimized and secure. Our customers can run their business and our Cloud SMEswill manage, monitor and remediate issues on your hybrid environments, there by delivering maximum efficiency across your IT infrastructure.

Vendor Lock In and provider dependence: We don’t lock the customers to our platform or system like our big friends do. We are transparent and open with our terms of service and services agreement. Our management and monitoring frameworks are based on open source and industry standard frameworks. Our value proposition to deliver superior services is by leveraging an well integrated suite of frameworks, there by providing a single pane of glass to manage, monitor and remediate across your Hybrid Operations Environment.

Security: We are sensitive to security needs of systems and applications. We leverage tools to provides governance & audit services across your hybrid environments. We specialize in Hardening of VMs and application for security vulnerabilities. (Fail2ban, Access Control List, VPN/VPC, private/public subnets Identity Access Management, SAML, Port Scanning, and so on).

Customization: Different Options whether you want complete consulting services , human power support or only product. Alternatively we can even customize the product to incorporate customer organization’s best practices management and monitoring frameworks.

24/7/365 support: We offer monitoring services to handle management responsibilities. We have an integrated system and certified engineers to manage and operate your hybrid infrastructure.

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Intangible Benefits of managed services for cloud

One of the main benefits of investing in managed services for cloud is that it will save you a lot of time and effort. Having our experts on-hand to manage your cloud-based infrastructure will allow you to spend more time on your core business activities. You will also benefit from the fact that you will have access to the experience and knowledge of expert technical engineers at a fraction of the cost you would pay to hire someone in-house.

Businesses that use managed services for cloud hosting can have the peace of mind that their infrastructure is one hundred per cent secure at all times. We will have our qualified and certified support experts monitoring your infrastructure throughout the day, so any potential threats can be minimized without the worry of security breaches. We can also help you to deploy, manage and migrate your applications to the cloud safely to reduce your cost of ownership.

We offer flexible contracts / pay as you go model that prevent our clients from having to make long-term financial commitments.

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