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    Empower your IT team to manage your hybrid It through a Xervmon unified system
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Step 1 – Deployments Set-Up Your Way: Xervmon gives you full control, as you can design and visualize your deployments, as well as configure and deploy them.
Xervmon integrates Cloud Provider Service Catalog within Deployment Designers making the adoption of any Cloud provider into existing suite of providers easier.The visual designer enables you to

  • Drag and drop cloud assets into the canvas and connect them visually
  • Configure the cloud asset with appropriate parameters and install pre-configured libraries
  • Seamlessly orchestrate the deployment to the provided cloud provider


This way, you are able to visualize the deployments beforehand and also understand costs and budgetary constraints.

Benefits include

  • Choose a predefined template to configure, provision and deploy on any cloud.
  • Access to hoards of pre-built stacks to boot up the new server.
  • Strategic and informed planning by visualizing deployments in advance.
  • The ability to make informed changes in order to avoid unexpected drawbacks.
  • The option to install Xervmon Monitoring brokers.

Step 2 – Cooperative Approval/Review Process: With Xervmon you can setup an approval/review process within a light-weight service desk for one or multiple deployments.In addition, Xervmon helps to create a cooperative review system, where engineering and development operations teams can collaborate. This includes commenting and sharing ideas and suggestions.

This step helps to manage accountability, control and governance of your IT deployments in a more agile and compliant manner. Xervmon Cloud Management takes into account the IT standards and procedures the organization has to adhere to.
Benefits include

  • Role based access to enforce control and accountability.
  • Clear and current data on how resources are being used.
  • Low cost review processes
  • Insightful data to keep costs and budget under control.
  • Team collaboration to improve
  • Compliance with IT standards and procedures.

Step 3 – Hybrid Cloud Management: Xervmon is integrated with the Orchestration Process that enables the provision of servers and deployment architectures without human interaction. The system also allows the installation of libraries and packages needed.With Xervmon you can track your deployment status, Audit logs, and multi-cloud account management. The system is efficient and user-friendly, as everything is integrated within the Ansible playbooks. Therefore, the end user does not need to learn a single line of code or deployment configuration.

Benefits include

  • Easy and rapid auditing, termination, rescaling and restarting of cloud services on demand via your dashboard
  • Information based on real time requirements
  • No knowledge of deployment code needed.
  • Minimized human errors
  • No dependency on stale or non-functional software packages

Step 4 – Easy monitoring with XervmonBroker Agents: Xervmon is built in with broker, a feature that makes it easier than ever to monitor system stats, alerts, process and trend the usage across hundreds of system metrics. Therefore, the XervmonBroker agents monitor cloud and non-cloud assets, and can be easily installed and used from the dashboard.Benefits Include

  • Setting-up alerts and notifications
  • Controlling multiple clouds from one console
  • Monitoring logs and apps


Automatic IT Monitoring
XervmonBroker Monitor System is equipped to automatically monitor and locate all elements in the monitoring process, including data systems, databases, hard drives, network ports and processes.


The end user benefits from full control over all IT elements in the monitoring system, as well as the IT Monitoring process. In addition, any updates and alterations will be easily accessed via this feature.


Migration & Cloning :Xervmon will help you migrate your cloud assets from one provider to another. Whether your assets are on AWS, Rackspace or Digital Ocean, we provide a seam less visualization interface to bring resources from your cloud provider’s account, migrate the assets or clone the assets, so the assets can be moved to a new cloud provider or to a different region with in the same cloud provider safely and securely. Our support team will also be available to hand hold you during the course of migration.Benefits include

  • Visualize your Cloud Service Types (Ex: EC2, RDS, ELB, EBS, CloudServers, Volumes, Load Balancers, Cloud Databases or Droplets).
  • Migrate and configure cloud service types from one provider to another.
  • Clone and configure cloud service types from one region to another for the same provider.
  • All done within the comforts of Xervmon Cloud Console.
  • Track all the activities during migration and cloning via a real time streaming Log Manager.


BackupXervBackup™ is a truly hybrid data backup solution. There are no limits, whether you are backing your data up from the Cloud, on premise or a data centre. Your data can be backed up to the Cloud or on premise, all to suit your requirements.This is testament to the effectiveness of our backup technology. These companies are reaping the benefits of XervBackup’s unified Cloud solution – isn’t it about time you joined them?

Unified Cloud Protection XervBackup™ is the latest in Cloud backup technology being offered to businesses of all shapes and sizes, from SMEs to global corporations. This patented technology offers users the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything in your business, from documents to data, files to contracts, is backed up regularly. XervBackup™ has been designed to offer easy to manage, real time and scheduled backup options, leaving organizations with data that is easy to restore and recover any time.With businesses becoming ever more reliant on technology and more and more important information being managed online, it is critical to ensure that regular and reliable backups take place. If data is lost, it can have a hugely negative impact on a business. XervBackup™ makes it easy for you to manage the regular backup of business critical information, no matter what operating system or software solutions you are using. This also makes it easier and offers more flexibility when implementing disaster recovery programs

Companies already taking advantage of XervBackup™ technology include a public company listed on the New York Stock exchange – American Midstream, owners of a diversified portfolio of energy assets based in Houston. Texas among several others.

Backup, restore, recover, and manage, through one unified backup console online; powered by Xervmon Integrated Technology.


Data Management, Reporting & Visibility: Xervmon can help you manage all your cloud data with one single console. It has the ability to perform accountability and role-based access coupled with configurable cost/spend analytics reports. We created to help you manage costs efficiently. Xervmon delivers cost and spend analysis reports at all levels, including business units, departments and cost centers. It helps CXOs, IT Directors and IT Managers to articulate the IT and Biz Strategy and share the vision among the stakeholders, finance groups and Executive Management.Benefits include

  • Integrated utilization reports across all cloud assets
  • High productivity, lower costs of deployment and an integrated console for all cloud data
  • Predicted and controlled budgets & Narrow margins of error
  • Clear estimates, spend forecasts and ROI
  • Accurate drill-downs across regions, units, departments and centers
  • Strategic information for decision-makers


Xervmon will enable your organization to deliver IT operations at high productivity and efficiency rates. If you want to give your organization a competitive edge, use Xervmon.

Xervmon will integrate your IT operations, save you time and costs and ensure your productivity and efficiency levels rise. You can detect problems, manage and monitor your cloud and non cloud assets from single unified dashboard. Xervmon can also be installed within a private or public cloud .

  • Single pane of dashboard to detect problems, fix them, life cycle cloud management powered by business process, provisioning, auditing and accountability
  • Strategic and informed planning by visualizing deployments in advance
  • The ability to make informed changes in order to avoid unexpected drawbacks
  • Compliance with IT standards and procedures
  • Easy and rapid auditing, termination, rescaling and restarting of cloud services on demand via your dashboard
  • No knowledge of deployment code needed
  • Controlling multiple clouds from one console
  • Integrated utilization reports across all cloud assets.
  • REST APIs to support third party systems integrations from and to XervmonCore.


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