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Managed Services Model

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While many businesses understand the benefits of migrating their infrastructure  and deploying their apps to the cloud, some do not realize that the majority of cloud  providers do not actually provide ongoing monitoring, remediation and management  services. This leaves businesses with two choices. They can either forgo hiring an engineering team, leaving their developers to monitor and run the infrastructure,  which can prove counterproductive. Alternatively they can hire a system engineering team that is able to provide round the clock monitoring and infrastructure support.

Monitoring and measuring the performance of servers, devices, services, processes and applications is fundamental to management. If performance is not at accepted levels, then the system needs to be managed. We offer managed services in an integrated approach instead of a fragmented approach. With an integrated approach, we optimize management and monitoring across Hybrid Cloud Environments.


Xervmon team, when hired as services partner, we manage your operations and we are responsible and accountable for your infrastructure. Our Cloud SMEs and Rapid Response Teams (RRT), would ensure that your systems are handled right and optimized to run safely and securely. Our team of engineers can also work with your IT team or your vendor to handle day to day management tasks.


Monitoring comprises of 3 aspects – Checks, Reports, and Resolve.

Checks : We have automated checks and our engineers check the health of the infrastructure by monitoring the metrics of all the critical systems. We proactively watch for problems, cross check data and co-relate to system events. If these events are impacting the performance of servers or the applications, then we quickly escalate issues to RRTs to work on resolution to minimize the impact on the business.

Reports :  Our integrated systems generate comprehensive SLA reporting as well as alerts on certain system/application events. To mitigate the impact of an event, based on documented or instructed procedures from our customers, our engineers can escalate or can work on root cause and resolve them.

Resolve: As a managed services partner, we are experts in problem resolution. The difference between us and others is that we focus on root cause and try to avoid similar system events to occur in future in best case scenarios.

Our certified engineers can resolve anything from minor issue to catastrophic issues of failure to deliver a precision business continuity operations. And if we are unable to fix a problem, then we will work with third party vendors to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

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Services Include

24x7x365 team staffed with certified engineers

Full infrastructure management

Expert day-to-day infrastructure management

Vendor and partner collaboration 

Capacity planning

Security Engineering 

Backups and DR Configuration

Patch Management
Install and configure packaged software Deploy custom application Service Desk powered IT Management

24x7x365 team staffed with certified engineers

Server Monitoring

Site monitoring

Service Monitoring

Fully-integrated monitoring system

Process Monitoring

Custom Monitoring

Custom Reporting
AWS Services includeEC2, EBS, ELB, RDS, AutoScaling, CloudWatch Other providers include Rackspace, Softlayer, Openstack, HP Cloud, Windows Azure, and Google Compute.
24x7x365 team staffed with certified engineers

Custom Alerting

Uptime and SLA Reporting

Custom Escalation procedures

Vendor-partner collaboration for problem resolution Problem diagnostics

Problem Remediation

War-room conferencing

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