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HP Solution

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Empowering the Enterprise – Xervmon Partners With HP.

blueEnterprise class Configurable Dashboard

With Xervmon™s easy-to-use, highly configurable dashboard, we empower you with granular billing and invoicing and self-service portals for reporting. Spend Analytics, Budget Forecasts and Alerts and many more advanced features true to our goal of providing IT Management as a Service across private and public cloud environments. We understand security concerns in the evolving cloud models and Xervmon architecture addresses this with secured access to your HP CloudSystem billing data. Learn More


blueEnhanced Reporting and Data Visualization

Xervmon solution for HP Cloud System empowers you the customer with tools to sort, filter, export and visualize chargeback, showback, spend across cost centers and business units, all integrated within single configurable dashboard. Learn More

blueFeel empowered & control costs

With Xervmon for HP CloudSystem, you are empowered to: Automate chargeback and integrate with Enterprise Financial Tools for periodic invoices of the individual or grouped resources.
Multi-tenant showback/chargeback and billing for services provisioned and reliably delivered thanks to our deep integration with HP CloudSystem Matrix and HP CloudSystem Enterprise offerings.
Business intelligence with Xervmon proprietary dashlets showing custom invoices, highly granular reporting with advanced filters, usage and spend trends and data visualization through configurable charts. Learn More


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