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Docker has been flying high for over 20 months. It’s totally evident that Docker was on its ways to becoming the existing standard for container technology, the steaming thing in cloud computing in 2014. Then along came CoreOS which was one of the leading backers of Docker until Dec 1, 2014 when it dropped a bomb or we could say a rocket and announced a competitive container virtualization technology called Rocket.

date:  Mar 16, 2015 comments:  0
by:  Sid Sharma category:  Blog, Technical Read More

xDocker rebranded as xDock

xDocker, an open source deployment tool had to rename themselves as xDock available at Docker® reached out to us couple of weeks back over similarity of names and Docker trademark . In the spirit of open source, we decided respectfully to rebrand xDocker as xDock, but will still carry the same benefits and will provide all users with the same advantage.

date:  Feb 02, 2015 comments:  0
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Docker vs VMs

All applications have their own dependencies, which include both software and hardware resources. Docker containers bring numerous unknown tags to the chart as compared to existing technologies in use.

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Copying of data from one Docker Container to another

Docker containers can easily be compared to a directory. A Docker container holds everything that is required for an application to run including its dependencies and can be started, stopped, moved and deleted at will. When containers are activated they use Linux kernel namespaces. Each container operates in isolation from the server apart from networking and storage. Each container is created from a Docker image and one can have multiple containers running, depending upon the server hardware capacity. Docker containers are the run component of Docker.

date:  Nov 18, 2014 comments:  0
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xDocker Enables Secure and Smart Application Deployment on AWS using Docker

xDocker is a part of the powerful Xervmon Cloud management suite. It enables you to Deploy, Manage and Monitor Docker images on any IaaS/On-Premise or on any infrastructure taking your Docker experience beyond the simple CMS based websites. xDocker is an open-source application which provides open source backend orchestration and frontend application code. The Docker images which are used for dockerizing also are open sourced and made available on Docker herb repository. xDocker enables Secure and Smart Application Deployment on AWS using Docker. Container based deployment is just not a fad, but a reality. xDocker delivers an innovation in deploying the image securely to any IaaS. The best part is, xDocker is an open source project incubated by Xervmon and we are seeking developers, committers, evangelists, and generalists to help us in our cause to extend Docker platform to solve complex problems.

date:  Nov 11, 2014 comments:  0
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Setting up Mongo Replication with authentication.

Xervmon can help you manage and monitor assets across your organization’s hybrid footprint. The following blog documents steps to setup a high available primary/secondary shared replicaset with an arbiter on any IaaS provider. Login as root in all 3 servers. Assumptions, Assume primary server as automation-1 Secondary as automation-2 Arbitory as arbiter. Install MongoDB on all […]

date:  Sep 19, 2014 comments:  0
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Cloud Security is serious business

“Biggest threat to a system’s security is virtually always the people using the system.”. It is imperative to empower people with tools that secures and traces cloud transactions.  

Curious case of our customer

One our customer recently had his Amazon AWS account hacked. I am reproducing the conversation I had with my customer. I am writing this post with my customer’s permission to help others falling prey to the hackers like one of our customers did.

Mark, client representative recounts, “Online security didn’t bother me too much until I signed up to Amazon AWS, then my problems started. I was amazed when hackers raided my credit card of $600 in charges in just eight hours. I was dumbfounded, how could such devastation occur in just eight hours? This was an account on which I hadn’t even spent any money yet.”

date:  Jul 13, 2014 comments:  0
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Xervmon Managed Services with a Difference

Every day more and more businesses move their infrastructures to the cloud in order to reap the many benefits it provides; however migration to the cloud can come with it’s own set of challenges. While cloud providers have made the process of migrating to the cloud fairly straightforward, many businesses find it time consuming and costly when it comes to troubleshooting issues.

Rather than wasting valuable time and resources trying to configure your cloud-based infrastructure yourself, why not outsource it to an experienced and professional company offering managed services?

Our approach

date:  Jul 01, 2014 comments:  0
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