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The New Way to Success

You have the passion to innovate from something unknown, you have the fire in your belly and have all it takes to go that extra mile to create a legacy, then join our team. We are currently hiring.


Xervmon was founded with a vision to play a dominant role in Hybrid Cloud Management. Xervmon is designed with extensibility at its core to support any cloud provider (including private clouds) and a suite of apps that provide specific functionality.

With the cloud adoption (Private, Public and Hybrid) taking off in a big way the founding team strongly believes that individuals and organizations utilizing cloud assets from multiple cloud providers need an elegant yet powerful cloud management service to simplify operational activities and manage cloud expenditure. The Xervmon leadership team is a seasoned group of technology veterans and business leaders with over five decades of combined experiences from HP, Nortel, Cisco, NETGEAR. Understanding the customer needs and pain points of SMB/SME as well as large scale enterprises, management team brings extensive, real-world experiences in enterprise-scale application development and cloud applications.

Xervmon Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas, and with Development Centers in India, is well poised to be a global hybrid cloud management player. The entire team is driven by the strong belief in providing affordable high quality solutions to improve IT professional productivity in the cloud.

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Transform your career

Full Stack Developer

You will be instrumental in building next generation Cloud Management App platform by spearheading the development of an efficient, robust and scalable server side application and engineering our REST and SOAP based Web services, Ansible, CHEF, Puppet labs. You will top that by implementing a winning UI/UX platform. The technology you build will carry your gene as the dominant gene. You will be instrumental in shaping the culture of the company and will function as one of its primary evangelists.
You are an experienced developer with a solid foundation in computer science. You possess a good breadth of algorithmic and data structures knowledge. You are research oriented and are able to grasp concepts and languages quickly. You are a team player who is driven by passion for learning and making a difference.

You also have:

  • A degree in Computer Science, Engineering or other related fields
  • Over one year of work experience
  • Expertise in data structures, databases and algorithms
  • Extensive knowledge of Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, C++, C or Python
  • Strong knowledge of web applications, distributed systems and network systems
  • Expertise in Unix/Linux administration, shell scripts
  • Strong analytical and communication skills.

You will get brownie points if you have:

  • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript MVC frameworks, Twitter Bootstrap framework, and Node.js
  • Knowledge of mobile application development in Phonegap, Android and iOS
  • Experience in Enterprise Application Integration
  • Machine learning and Data mining skills

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Send a brief profile and your past work links including linkedin, Github, bitbucket, stackoverflow, quora links. Join Our Team!

VP Sales & Marketing

Are you looking to lead Sales & Marketing in a dynamic Cloud Computing market. Xervmon is the place to lead and build Sales and Marketing efforts, which is going through a rapid growth and increased demand for our solutions and services. Xervmon is actively seeking senior sales executives to lead our sales efforts.
Xervmon which is pioneering Hybrid Cloud Management platform to simplify IT Operations in order to manage, monitor and deploy work loads across public/private and hybrid clouds using a unified system.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Key strategic contributor and driver of global strategic growth initiatives for the Xervmon – Hybrid Cloud Management Product and Services business.
  • Conduct market analysis to determine market potential and identify specific opportunities for growth.
  • Create strategies for lead generation to close, conduct web-based demonstrations, develop customer relationships, drive new business and promote.
  • Execute a consultative sales strategy in addition to directing the full sales lifecycle.


  • This job is a critical in leading sales effort at Xervmon for a disruptive product and services business in Cloud Computing technologies.
  • 5+ years of strategic sales and marketing experience leading sales teams in startups, growth stage software firms.
  • Excellent leadership, negotiation, management and interpersonal skills.
  • Proven record of increasing clients and company revenues.
  • Positioning/marketing, good presentation skills, and have credibility with sales teams, customers, analysts and the media.

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Customer Talk

  • Matt Tew, IT Director from FLW LLC., says, Xervmon delivers productivity, there by allowing our dev team to focus on building machine critical applications. Be it complex VPC configuration (private/public subnet) with shared Mongodb Replicasets, or making the web application highly available and scalable, Xervmon helps us to orchestrate envisioned complex deployments via Cloud formation templates, helps us to save costs and keep our IT spend under budget. Xervmon even manages and monitors the configurations maintaining the sanity of the assets at all times.

    Matt Tew – IT Director from FLW LLC.
  • Chris Thomas, IT Director from American Midstream, says, Xervmon has simplified the way IT assets on Softlayer DC and resources AWS are managed and monitored. Xervmon makes sure of 99.999% availability and immediately triggers alerts if there are down time anticipated, there by helping the company to serve our field staff without a down time, improving productivity and reducing the costs of downtime by around 30%. The best part of Xervmon is their ability to manage both our Cloud and non-cloud assets via Unified system.

    Chris Thomas – IT Director from American Midstream

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