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Analyzr new release & On-demand Support Packages

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Analyzr new release & On-demand Support Packages

posted by: Sid Sharma date: Mar 04, 2015 category: Blog comments: 0

Analyzr is an open source Ops tool for Professionals to analyze AWS assets. Analyzr examines your entire AWS infrastructure methodically in detail.

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Analyzr was released on Feb 08th 2015. Within 30 days, we have signed up some marquee customers. We now support modeling your infrastructure and comparing the benefits of on-demand and reserved instance costs. In addition, Analyzr also visualizes on-demand and reserved instance costs for the running infrastructure.

As a new initiative, we are introducing immediately – Support packages. With support packages, companies of all sizes can engage our fanatical support team.

We know how hard it is to find on-demand support for AWS. Especially qualified and knowledgeable experts are hard to find. Analyzr offers on-demand support services in an affordable and friendly manner.

Docker® Expertise

  • Docker® experts on demand to implement and support CI & CD
  • We can help to dockerize your apps or deploy complex application across mulitple regions
  • Visit xDockfor more info about deploying Netflix Apps on AWS,

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Chef, Ansible, Puppet

  • Adopt and Implement best practices for provisioning & Configuration Management across any Cloud.
  • Visit Xervmon Cloud Management Suite– enterprise class cloud management suite across multi cloud

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DevOps & OPS Management

AWS Security & Best Practices for multi region deployment

Big data & Analytics on AWS

  • We can help in Data sourcing, Data cleansing, Transformation, Loading & derivatives
  • Setup clusters with proxy to screen scrape, and cleanse on AWS
  • Solr Cloud consulting services
  • NoSQL Database consulting – shard / horizontal scaling / Primary/Secondary Replica sets across region

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