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posted by: Sid Sharma date: Feb 08, 2015 category: Uncategorized comments: 0

Analyzr is an open source Ops tool for Professionals to analyze AWS assets. Analyzr examines your entire AWS infrastructure methodically in details.

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Once setup with “read only” credentials of your AWS infrastructure, you need to tune up Analyzr according to the best case scenario suiting your application. Once validated, you’re ready to go!!

Based on metrics of security and cost it scrutinizes the state of user infrastructure. Analyzr bounces back with a bag full of cost saving and security boosting recommendations. With the read-only AWS credentials loaded into Analyzr, it keeps a close eye on what’s going on and makes a point to bring every anomaly or resource leakage into notice.

Analyzr reads every single data packet and complete system configuration. It takes care of the composition of the system and its boundary. All the applications that have been deployed by the users over the infrastructure and all the AWS assets are monitored with this device.


Security Parameter Setup

Analyzr alarms the Ops guys against any possible danger that might exploit a vulnerability to breach security and thus cause possible damage. Analyzr is an Ops tool that lets you have a sound sleep at night as it monitors the setup. It checks, supervises, watches and keeps a track of all the actions that are taking place.

Helps in conducting systematic and repeated measurements or observations of control parameters to assess whether a critical point is under control.


Warns you about the danger if any kind of vulnerable situation arises on any security threat. Analyzr also audits the AWS assets and infrastructure, evaluates and improves the safety as well as efficiency.

Cost Analysis:

Monitors the cost and utilization of resource. Implement Analyzr at test phase to take care of any open loopholes from going into post production. It gives user a way to escape difficulty in validating the security norms right from the scratch. Helps in avoiding any ambiguity from going into a stage of production.

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