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xDock -Secure and Smart Application Deployment on AWS using Docker

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xDock -Secure and Smart Application Deployment on AWS using Docker

posted by: Sid Sharma date: Feb 03, 2015 category: Uncategorized comments: 0

xDock is a part of the powerful Xervmon Cloud management suite. It enables you to Deploy, Manage and Monitor Docker images on any IaaS/On-Premise or on any infrastructure taking your Docker experience beyond simple CMS based websites. XDocker is an open-source application which provides open source backend orchestration and frontend application code.  The Docker images which are used for Dockerizing are also open sourced and are made available on Docker herb repository.

How can xDock help:-

Cloud is becoming bigger and businesses are moving their infrastructure to the cloud. They are doing this as to acquire all the benefits that is being provided by cloud. xDock is one deployment and management tool that qualifies to fulfill all the needs and requirement of the users.

With xDock users can deploy complex applications like NETFLIX ICE, NETFLIX ASGARD, SECURITY MONKEY, SKETCHY etc. over Docker easily in an automated fashion. By leveraging the Xervmon suite of tools behind the scenes, xDock  helps in managing as well as monitoring the deployed applications over AWS.

Getting started with xDock is such a cake walk that you’ll surely be amazed at the ease of setup. Let’s walk through the whole process with this diagram:


Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.51.01 PM

xDock is Secure, Smart and Easy to Use

xDock simply means Deploy and play or pause according to your needs. It comes with a Secret Sauce of Managing Docker Images remotely over secure channels and ports.

  1. xDock allows to easily refresh and delete the deployment with an ease.
  2. It provides clients with high level data security with encryption of the data, keeping data in secure center or by strict access controls.
  3. It makes deployment of complex application very easy and manageable with active monitoring services.
  4. Installation and configuration of complex applications are made easy through xDock offerings and with a few clicks you have a whole setup ready to be launched.
  5. It does not virtualize hardware infrastructure rather virtualizes deployed applications over Docker containers with a facility to manage Docker Images remotely in a secure fashion.

There are four distributions of Netflix Open Source Suite which are currently deployable through xDock:-
1) Netflix Ice
2) Netflix Security Monkey
3) Netflix Asgard
4) Netflix sketchy

For all the supported packages of Netflix i.e; Netflix ice, Netflix Security Monkey and Netflix Sketchy Xervmon and xDock have partnered together in order to provide a complete and flexible support package for customers. In any case users need support; maintaining the sanity of user deployed system of Netflix package they can use xDock.

xDock Future Roadmap
xDock looks to cover the following items in the next few releases:

  1. Collaborate and Integrate with Docker Ecosystem: Users will experience an enhanced set of facilities to exploit the Docker Ecosystem and evolve in its own sense with the user experience and feedback
  2. Multi Cloud Deployment and Management: Needs a relevant explanation
  3. Multi Container Deployment and Management: We aim for a multi container environment on xDock enabling users to bring more of their application setups and arrangements under one account.
  4. Application Container Monitoring: With our secure remote monitoring services, we look at fathoming further into monitoring each Application Container enabling higher level of Data Analytics and reverse application to optimize usage on an even higher level.

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