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xDocker rebranded as xDock

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xDocker rebranded as xDock

posted by: Sid Sharma date: Feb 02, 2015 category: Blog comments: 0

xDocker, an open source deployment tool had to rename themselves as xDock available at 

Docker® reached out to us couple of weeks back over similarity of names and Docker trademark . In the spirit of open source, we decided respectfully to rebrand xDocker as , but will still carry the same benefits and will provide all users with the same advantage.

xdock  is an extended Open source initiative by Xervmon. It is a tool which simplifies deployment and provides ease of play or pause according to your needs. It comes with a Secret Sauce of Managing Docker Images remotely over secure channels and ports. It can be affirmed that xDock is Secure, Smart and Easy to use open source deployment tool. With xDock users can deploy complex applications. It supports dockerized Netflix Ice, Netflix Security Monkey, Netflix Asgard, Netflix sketchy etc. easily in an automated fashion. xDock enables Secure and Smart Application Deployment on AWS using Docker.

As we all know that High potentials always deliver strong results, master new types of expertise and recognize that behavior counts. But its xDock’s intangible X factors that truly distinguishes it from the pack. The biggest challenge that xDock takes care of is to keep the client data completely secure through a defined system of powerful security exercise, which includes Encrypting Data, Strict Access Controls, HIPAA Sensitive Environments and providing clients a Secured Data Centers. xDock is designed to meet your data security needs.

Talking about Docker, its a program that makes running and managing containers super easy. It has the potential to change all aspects of server-side applications, from development and testing to deployment and scaling. All in all it’s a pretty cool tool in hand. The floor is getting hot around docker and users are filled with excitement to watch something new coming up around the platform.

xDock supports four distributions of Netflix Open Source contributions which have already been mentioned above but including these there are also other critical tools supported by xDock.  The blend of Netflix OSS and Docker makes it really easy to develop, deploy and test distributed applications in the cloud.

Future xDock Work

So far, we’ve found xDocker to be super easy to work with and more importantly, a lot of fun. But now as it is moving forward with a new name xDock which is available at, we hope it gets the same success in its management and production.

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