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Monthly Archives November 2014

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Copying of data from one Docker Container to another

Docker containers can easily be compared to a directory. A Docker container holds everything that is required for an application to run including its dependencies and can be started, stopped, moved and deleted at will. When containers are activated they use Linux kernel namespaces. Each container operates in isolation from the server apart from networking and storage. Each container is created from a Docker image and one can have multiple containers running, depending upon the server hardware capacity. Docker containers are the run component of Docker.

date:  Nov 18, 2014 comments:  0
by:  Sid Sharma category:  Blog Read More

xDocker Enables Secure and Smart Application Deployment on AWS using Docker

xDocker is a part of the powerful Xervmon Cloud management suite. It enables you to Deploy, Manage and Monitor Docker images on any IaaS/On-Premise or on any infrastructure taking your Docker experience beyond the simple CMS based websites. xDocker is an open-source application which provides open source backend orchestration and frontend application code. The Docker images which are used for dockerizing also are open sourced and made available on Docker herb repository. xDocker enables Secure and Smart Application Deployment on AWS using Docker. Container based deployment is just not a fad, but a reality. xDocker delivers an innovation in deploying the image securely to any IaaS. The best part is, xDocker is an open source project incubated by Xervmon and we are seeking developers, committers, evangelists, and generalists to help us in our cause to extend Docker platform to solve complex problems.

date:  Nov 11, 2014 comments:  0
by:  Anuj Sharma category:  Blog Read More