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Monthly Archives March 2014

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Unified Backup Solution – XervBackup

Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of the benefits of full Cloud services

Cloud services have taken over and revolutionized the way that businesses access, store and manage their data. With SasS software models, outsourced Cloud data storage, and now the introduction of Cloud backup solutions, it seems that everything we need to run a business and manage our data successfully is available online, in the Cloud.

This new way of working has offered many benefits to businesses worldwide. Not only has it become easier and cheaper to store your data, organizations without the need for on-site servers and the staff needed to manage them, are turning to rental or colocation data storage solutions. There is a whole feeling of security and peace of mind that comes from storing and accessing your data and files off-site and in the Cloud. By having your data backed up in the Cloud it is easier to put disaster recovery in action if needed.

date:  Mar 27, 2014 comments:  0
by:  Sid Sharma category:  Blog Read More